Rolling a tread between People and Permaculture

What is PermaCycle?


By Seth Columbia

PermaCycle is an adventure, a journey, a desire for the liminal phase of transition, a coming of age, and pursuit of happiness. I am comfortable saying it feels like all those things on the inside but what is it on the outside?

PermaCycle is a cycling trip across the country that will connect Jasmine and myself with all things Permaculture related, or as many as possible. This can include small or large farms, food forests, eco-villages, homesteads, or even just backyards, its as much about the people taking action as the actions they take.

With this adventure we hope to inspire others to follow their dreams, and with this blog we hope to promote the ideas, people, and places that make this bike trip an epic journey.

PermaCycle is a lot of things, some will be planned, others might just happen, and others that wont be visible until we are far down the line long after we finish up here.


Author: zestyjazz

I'm a garden and a bicycle.

5 thoughts on “What is PermaCycle?

  1. This sounds pretty awesome!


  2. Thank You we think so too haha!


  3. If you come through Avery, TX, we have a developing permaculture place and you are welcome to visit.


    • Wow! Thank you so much Aggie! We are really working on even thinking about where we might kinda end up. The map is just kinda a swirl of everything right now. lol. I swear it would take us like 15 days to get through Texas and it is super duper hot….let me stop making excuses. Thank you so much! And thanks for following.


      • Yes, it’s hot, but there’s a wide shoulder on the highway in front of our house, and we’re bikers, so stop by anytime. Wherever the road takes you, enjoy!


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