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This Book Made Me Love Permaculture

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permaculture book

This book made me fall in love with Permaculture.

By: Jasmine Wilborne

Two months ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what permaculture was.  On September 11th I decided that I would ride my bike across the country with my best friend, Seth, hopscotching between permaculture impact centers, family and friends. Interjection: 1. Do you know how annoying it is that Google Spelling doesn’t recognize permaculture as a word?!? 2. A permaculture impact center can be anything from a homestead, eco-village or educational site that recognizes permaculture as the primary mode of healing the earth, our relationship to nature, and the importance of giving away surplus gifts.

So what happened?

A few things, which I will discuss in subsequent posts, but it all culminated in a book: The Vegetable Gardener’s Guide to Permaculture by Christopher Shein.

First, I have to tell you a bit about Seth.

He will frown at this , but umma say it anyway! Seth has a way of compelling someone to rethink their worldview…particularly if it doesn’t coincide with his. *chuckles* LOL, I can only imagine the backlash I will get from this!!! Love ya bruh!

In essence, he influences me- sometimes referred to as a “scaredy cat”,  safe-worshiping, small-dreamer [trust me I think I dream big]- into at least CONSIDERING something alternative, radical, new.

Simply, if Seth hadn’t positively raved about permaculture and went to Sirius where he met a dude who was trying to create food forests overseas ( Sirius is an eco-village in Massachusetts…he will tell you more about it) I wouldn’t have read this book.

The story of THE BOOK:

I have the day off so I go to the library. I find out that I have ZERO fines, which is a miracle because I always forget to return books on time. Currently, I owe the Hartford Public library $50 plus interest…guess I won’t be going back there again.

I get an armful of books.

As I’m perusing the “New Arrivals” section,  Christopher Shein’s book just kinda looks at me and I can hear all the convos Seth has had with me with at least mentioning permaculture. I decide not to check it out. I’m like: Yeah, I don’t really like gardening and I don’t know anything about permaculture…but I don’t want to learn now.

I know its the wrong decision when I turn away and check out.

Needless to say I come back to the library and check out the book. Because I can’t ever leave a rock un-turned.

I want a reason why permaculture is lame…or at least why I should just check it off of my “To-Know” list.

But there isn’t one.

In fact, I’m in love.

Permaculture is everything that I ever wanted from what I was seeking in  religion and more. It is holistic. It seeks to heal the earth and nature (us), it views surplus as something to be given away to others. Wow.

So yeah, this book is making this trip possible for me, along with other things I will share in due time.



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