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I Still Haven’t Told My Parents….Yet.

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By Jasmine Wilborne

I feel a mixture of sickness, despair and homesickness as I write this title.

It is true, I have been planning this trip for close to a month, right beneath my parents noses (I live at home) and haven’t even mentioned to them yet that I am planning on leaving them in a few months.

I’m nervous. I’m sick. I’m afraid that the idea will be flat out rejected and I will have no support.

Here is how I’ve been thinking to frame it:

I’m leaving and either you can help me make my trip safer by being actively involved. Or you can check out and not know what I am doing, how I am doing it and have my safety be even more risked.

Ultimatums…those work right?

This  adventure becomes real when I tell them. Or at least, realer.

I’m afraid of the following:

-My parents worrying about my safety

-Them pointing their fingers at the weak spot in our plans

….and that’s about it! So in all honesty, I am afraid of how they will react.

But you know what? Bottling it up inside of me is driving me insane….

I’ve got to tell them.


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I'm a garden and a bicycle.

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