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Part 1 of Dumpsterize My Diet! – We’re Wasting Away

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By Seth Columbia

Lets talk about waste.

If there is one good thing that  we do efficiently it is, to waste. As a college student it sometimes feels as though every object I find crammed into a dorm living space is labeled as “single use”. Beds, lamps, posters, last seasons clothing, electronics, and textbooks with much more all tend to fill out the massive profiles of industrial dumpsters moved into the city early in September and midway through May. Unfortunately not much of this lightly-used material waste is given a second home by those who really need it and in some cases is taken by small business and returned to the local economic cycle. But what happens to everything else?

Here at PermaCycle we have a lot of love for all things eco-groovey and this type of reuse is just great, in the same way that some people go window shopping I might take a stroll downtown during that special time of year in search of of last falls finest fashions!

Its important to remember that not all that finds its way into the trash is garbage, waste merely a state of mind, a label.

Check it out, if this single aspect of our waste stream, the college moving season, lets call it, serves to teach us anything it is that even supposedly “poor” college students are capable of this waste JUST IMAGINE all that is being tossed out in the business sectors, I am talking about the stuff that never even reaches the consumer!

You know what? I’ll paint a picture for you on how much food we really waste….


Coming Soon: Part 2 of Dumpsterize My Diet! –  Public Service Announcement




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One thought on “Part 1 of Dumpsterize My Diet! – We’re Wasting Away

  1. That is fantastic in every way.

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