Rolling a tread between People and Permaculture

Part 2 of Dumpsterize My Diet!- The Big Picture of Food Waste


By Seth Columbia

A few days ago I talked about how waste is a popular, consumerism driven misconception: most things that are “wasted” are just that, items of value that go deliberately unused.

Do you have any freaking clue how much food goes in the dumpster?

No that’s not my point, I meant: In America people go hungry every day and OH MY NON-SECTARIAN GOD IS THERE A LOT OF GOOD FOOD IN DUMPSTERS! wait no… refinement.

What I’m saying is:

America does not face anything close to a food shortage…, in fact

what we face is a money shortage

or an abundance of poverty meaning that, there is simply no good reason to haul this food off to the needy, when they have no money to pay for it.

America produces 2X the food that it needs meaning that, lets run the numbers ~%50 of all our food winds up in the garbage.

Yup that’s what I wanted to say, if you feel your stomach turning now, it might be a good warm up for your first dive.

Ethics of the Bigger Picture

Free food lives in a highly stigmatized place: the dumpster.

Perfectly good food in a stinky place. The risk of getting dirty and the reward of sweet sweet nourishment.  Because I’m  eco-groovey and like to challenge norms and societal standards,  I’m all in for dumpster diving.

I would also like to mention the potential for helping the needy. Groups like Food-not-Bombs, located in New Haven, CT go far and out of there way to harness wasted foods into healthy meals for those in need.

One aspect of permaculture is that surplus is not hoarded, but instead gifted to the community at large.

What would that look like if we had a community setting where surplus was regularly and routinely given back to the surrounding community?

I can show you what it looks like when one person reaps the unintended gifts of food waste….

Coming Up: Part 3 of Dumpsterize My Diet!- PermaCycle Will Eat Trash



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3 thoughts on “Part 2 of Dumpsterize My Diet!- The Big Picture of Food Waste

  1. I posted a blog about the same thing when it comes to nature, how mega companies just let their plant produce die so they can make room for all that holiday decor that takes up aisles upon aisles. I work in the food business, I see how much is wasted.


    • Yea for me it all really brings to light the dichotomy between producer and consumer, how the great area in between for us “other” humans is not meant to exist and in most cases that grey area is minimized by legislation or policies passed by the government and corporate powers that be. America is a business rather than a land of the free. You have to pay your way through it but I am determined to bring back a sense of freedom that is so naturally associated with all that which is.. well… natural.

      I guess this could be another blog post, so maybe it will be, thanks for the comment Mimic Nature, I will have to check out your blog, have a good one,


      Liked by 1 person

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