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Minimalism, essentialism: this is my bag, all I have, all I need


Now this world traveling cyclist is doing it big by traveling small! He is traveling the world to be involved in environmental movements and using his acting skills (street performances, theatre productions etc) to connect with the local community. I think this is cool, and will try as hard as possible to keep my packing light. Check him out -Jasmine.

Theater Activist on Bike Tour

Bag with bag's content on the floor All the things I have

While playing theater I learned that less is more. One reason why I love theater is that you can apply the same principles you learn on the scene to your life.

image All the things I need

I am so happy to live just with the content of this bag, this represents my biggest happiness.


Enjoying what is next to me,  enjoying what I have and what is possible to have,  this is my way of living. I mix things to get the best combination,  as I mix the cereals in my cup in the morning. 

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Author: zestyjazz

I'm a garden and a bicycle.

3 thoughts on “Minimalism, essentialism: this is my bag, all I have, all I need

  1. Well, one thing about living a cycling lifestyle (he and I car-free for last 24 yrs., me last 30 yrs.), is that when I do go on vacation occasionally without cycling, I can pack everything I need for a 3-wk. trip in a carry-on suitcase.

    And yes 2 panniers for a 2-wk. long trip by bike, is plenty for me. 🙂 Otherwise, it’s deadweight cycling up a long hill @ 9-12% grade.


    • After reading this post and also, I’ve resigned myself to the idea that I can cycle across the country with two panniers and be fine. I honestly don’t want to lug stuff around all day. Haha. So that tasks me to packing several items that can transform or be used for other purposes.

      Congrats on being car free for 30 years! I really don’t want a car and after this adventure, I don’t believe that I will need one. Ugh. Still trying to figure out what to do with my student loans (probably will end up getting on an income based repayment plan after I do my forbearance), but regardless I want to live within radius of my community…by bike!

      Thanks for posting and sharing.


  2. My best wishes, zestyjazz. Yes, totally agree if you can make an item multi-purpose. Might be a lot of washing or something like that. In light warm rain, you might be able to wear clear plastic bags around your socks in your cycling shoes. Plastic bags are free from grocery store… I think it depends if you plan to cycle in the winter or high up in mountains where there is snow. That might determine how much more clothing you need to cycle with.


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