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Part 4 of Dumpsterize My Diet!- Dumpster Virgin No More


By Seth Columbia

How did I get started?

The same way I start most things, along side some great people.

I have some friends in Montreal who I went to visit early in the summer of 2014 and I was very excited to learn of their alternative lifestyles. These two open minded ladies opened their fridge and pointed to the bread, the cheese, the yogurt, the fruits, the vegetable, and told me they got it from the trash. I became quite excited as my regular cheap diet of rice beans and vegetable was becoming quite boring.

Anyway it was not just their action but their style that inspired me so. The duo had enough money to buy food, however they are eco-groovey and couldn’t stomach the waste of perfectly good food. The two of them have rather classy jobs, one a secretary for a school, the other a waitress at a quaint local restaurant.

Surprisingly, their preferred times to dive not only included under the cover of night, but also on their way to work in broad day light.

They were dressed to impress, and strivin’ for a divin’.

I found it hilarious and impressive watching  as one of the girls fished through a dumpster with her high heels and floral prints on!

They weren’t diving because they had to… not exactly. They dive because they feel a need to effect change on this little pebble floating through space.

Its not just about getting food, I mean that is a goal, but the idea on a larger scale is about raising awareness about waste and neccesity. I will be exclusively dumpster diving in broad daylight in a tuxedo from now on.

PS: You see that sandwich? Yea thats a classy sandwich. Thats a dijon marinated norwegian salmon on toasted whole wheat buns with a little spinach toupee for the crispy crunch and yummies kinda sandwich. That aint just some Classy Sandwich thats a dirty little sandwich… a dirty little dumsta fresh sandwich. Yep all that dumpster love summed up into a single entity.

thats a classy dumpster-wich

thats a classy dumpster-wich

Stay tuned for our up coming segment:

Every Day Dumpsta’ Gourmet

Where you can learn the tips and tricks to turn one mans trash into a zesty little dumpster-wich just like this one! You won’t see this on the Rachel Ray show, or the cooking channel so prepare to learn how to feed your family for $$Zero$$ dollas a day right here on the PermaCycle blog space.


Author: zestyjazz

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4 thoughts on “Part 4 of Dumpsterize My Diet!- Dumpster Virgin No More

  1. I watched a documentary on dumpster diving, it was really interesting but not sure I could do it, although I don’t judge others for doing it 🙂 that sandwich does look really good.


    • well then I must challenge yee M.Nature, what mental imagery and what ideas pass through your head when considering the thought of taking your first dive? Im assuming ideas that prohibit you but there could be more so flow freely if your feel ing it… and thanks for your potential response

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I guess the first thing I think of is dirt, that the dumpsters are dirty.


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