Rolling a tread between People and Permaculture

Growing Food is Like Printing Money!

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By: Seth Columbia

Watching Fight Club in high school made me realize I didn’t want to ever put myself in the position of begrudging my days in order to acquire material things. I was already on this path from a young age however, when prompted with the Q’ “Whatchya gonna do when ya get all big and old kiddo?” I’d cheerfully reply “I wanna be a hobo” my reasons being that they had no responsibility and got to do whatever they wanted. imagine the curiosity of my family members…

But then there are all the things that you actually NEED. Food, Water, Shelter, And Such! Well to provide for all of these needs with one fellow swoop requires something a little more complete than the popularized version of permaculture as permanent+agriculture. Yet that is a perfect place to look a little closer.

Im No Farmer, but I am a Good Investor

Farming sounds like such hard work and I dont want to get into that  but I do want high quality food at a reasonable price. So whats the investment. If tomatoes are our subject lets imagine that one seed produces a tomato plant. That seed out of a package of tens of seeds cost pennies at most. That plant can produce 5-10 or more fruits. So you taking the investment of a $0.02 and turning it into a profit of $15-30+ savings on food in a single season. Invest a little time and money and boom. The stock market has got NOTHIN on this garden business!

Be Your Own Boss, From Home![this is not a scam]

So without making a full commitment to Ol’ Mcdonald it is evident that a little side work can really add up in a growing season if you have something like 5 tomato plants alone. But c’mon why stop there?…

The way I look at it we work so much in part to afford a nice diet, and a healthy organic diet these days will have some of us taking out loans just to feed our families. If we could work just five hours less a week and spend that time in our garden the savings could easily exceed the average hourly wage for many of us.

The benefits package includes time at home in relative peace and quiet, working for tangible results, and a sense of connection to nature and your nourishment through food. So cut your hours at the full-time job or just quit and work for yourself from home instead.

-Love Life

PS: Look for another post soon on the difference between permaculture and traditional gardening techniques.


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