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The Day I Said “Yes”


By Jasmine Wilborne

I’ve been journaling since I was in the 8th grade. So to be honest, a little bit lazy (in writing an original post) , glaringly transparent  and to follow up on what this trip means to me I will write verbatim what I journaled on the day I said “yes” to this adventure.

*Background: The day before I did an exercise in What Color Is My Parachute? by Richard N. Bolles (Kimball Cartwright at Common Ground in New Haven, CT  gave me the book to guide my life…bet he didn’t think it would lead to this!) called: What Values Do You Want Your Life to Serve? And mine were: to facilitate Intellectual Conscious-Raising, Protect and Nurture the Earth and Promote Minimalism* <read note at the end>


September 11, 2014 

I believe 9/11 was a U.S government mediated self-attack to create the illusion of dangerous international terrorists so that the U.S government could enter into the middle-east with the support of the American people…

Today, I’m barely doing my job. I wonder:

I want to leave my job if there is no opportunity for higher pay.

 If there isn’t higher pay, I want to slave away for myself

 I want to enjoy the fruit of my labor

 I want to have freedom and purpose

 I want to be in charge of my own personal direction

I would rather be poor and working for myself rather than struggling and working for someone else

I will ask my boss for a raise using the techniques I found by reading career journals and blogs. 


Text convo w/ Seth:

JasDays like today make me hate my life 

Seth Take that back! You’re happy to be alive. Be Happy. Ahhh 😀 Call me on your lunch though. 

*Calls him, spends time venting about the corporate world, he talks about his post-graduation bike adventure and a book he’s reading Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein *

JasI’ve decided. I will ride my bike across the country with you. It will be the biggest risk of y life, bt that is what life is for: risks and crazy adventures and learning how kind and amazing people are. 

SethWoah. Awesome….except….who invited you? (Sassy snapping and head moving) Just kidding. That’s so fucking exciting!

JasI know I’m always invited! 

Seth: I’m also going to have an Ipad and go between farms, permaculture practitioners and family as the stopping points and fuel for an awesome blog. 

Jas: Yo! Great idea 🙂 I will totally journal and/or use my blog too! 

SethOh yes this is going to be amazing….to be continued-maybe haha


So that’s it. That’s how this trip became my reality.

Read yesterday’s guest post on minimalist cycling and how we will bike across the country eating trash

<the note: So Bolles lists 10 values a person normally uses their life for: Mind, body, eyes/sense, heart, will, conscience, spirit, entertainment, possessions, the earth- mine were: mind, the earth and possessions…I just went into detail about what specific focus in each>


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I'm a garden and a bicycle.

6 thoughts on “The Day I Said “Yes”

  1. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and that one step will change our lives forever 🙂

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  2. I agree 100%! I did a part of a post about the very same idea that I haven’t posted yet! And I would also rather be poor than struggle for anyone else. I REALLY wish more people could see how much more amazing life would be that way. But to each his own. I can only brag when I get there I guess!


    • Yes, the only thing you can do is brag about what you have. The more people brag or show and talk about their lifestyle changes the more it infects people with the idea that life doesn’t always have to look like a spacious empty isolated home in the suburbs or a crowded impersonal room in a condo. Life is and can be luscious.


  3. And I am very thankful for the wonderful life I have and can share! And, of course, what I have to look forward to!


  4. You guys are such an inspiration! I’d love to chat with you about the possibility of meeting up on your trip, please email me at or use the contact form on our site. Hope to hear from you!

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