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The Stages of Planning a Bike Tour

By Jasmine Wilborne

*Ugh, we haven’t posted in a  while. Behind the scenes Seth is putting in tons of energy into graduating from Southern Connecticut State University this Fall! He’s got major projects that are squeezing every ounce of focus out of him, but he’s smiling through it. I, on the other hand, went to Vancouver last week to see a close friend of mine who was born and raised in CT Essex-county for 15 years. Also, I’ve been struggling with how and what I should actually write about- thanks for staying with us through the lulls of this pre-adventure.*

Now let’s get to the meaty meat of this post!  I’ve been having a bit of writers block so maybe writing about the stages of this trip, I will have a new understanding of what to write next.

1. Stage 1: Eclipsed by excitement. This was in early September. I walked around my job like I was quitting the next day. I felt like I had a huge secret just waiting to bubble off of the tip of my tongue. I spent a lot of my time in a frenzied attempt to capture my thoughts through lists like these: 1. Dumpster diving will prove miraculous 2. Money must be conserved throughout all stages of the trip. 3. Consider self made crate box locks for panniers 4. Invite immediate community to contribute spiritually, emotionally, materially and financially 5. Create basic cheap food menu 6. consider bike trailer vs. panniers 6. Build a solar oven like these guys did on their bike tour 7. Create blog name- should be short specific and tell our story. For about 2 weeks I was totally into getting this thing off of the ground by setting up the blog, reading about other bloggers who were cycling, learning about the right gear! Whew, so exhilarating.

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