Rolling a tread between People and Permaculture

I Never Wanted to Be a Dirty Farmer Until….


By Jasmine Wilborne

….I met permaculture.

Conventional farming sucks, to put it bluntly.  I’ve never wanted to help my mother in the garden, because I saw how she toiled. I saw how the plants needed constant “nurturing” I saw the weeds creep up. I saw the way she would turn the soil. I thought: Farming sucks because once the farmer turns its back nature gets all unruly like a kindergarten classroom.

I decided not to go into environmental science in college because I saw farming and anything environmental as a constant polarized fight of :Us vs. Them. Humans vs. Nature. Weeds vs. Heirlooms. I knew the fight was never ending and that humans would lose. I saw who won every time I looked at my mother’s poor garden.

Things have changed for me. With permaculture as my guide, I will be letting nature do what it does best and be a partner with them. I would NEVER go to conventional farm school and learn what is taught there. Instead, I will have nature teach me.




Author: zestyjazz

I'm a garden and a bicycle.

10 thoughts on “I Never Wanted to Be a Dirty Farmer Until….

  1. Reblogged this on World Organic News and commented:
    In favour of permaculture


  2. What a great take on this subject. It’s taken me a LOT of years to see things nature’s way, but she’ll always come out on top. Best to do it her way!


    • Thanks Dan! I literally landed on permaculture through my best friend Seth. And it was OUT OF GUILT. I saw a book, got guilty for not checking it out and then BAM! Fell in love. *Sigh* It’s unbelievable. Regardless, anyway we get there is the best way!

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  3. I always loved to plant vegetables but hate hate HATE weeding. I think permaculture may have saved my gardening!


    • I feel the same way! Weeding sucked so hard! I didn’t like anything that meant that I had to go out of my way to baby plants! Felt like I was kidsitting: trellis the tomatoes, trellis the green peppers. Ugh. I’m really lazy sometimes. And I really wanna be “the lazy farmer” and let Nature do it’s thang.


  4. So after the big cycle, will you be starting your own garden somewhere?


    • I have no clue! One day, sure. Right after, I’m not sure. I actually want to go on working holiday to New Zealand and bike around over there too! I am really in the travel, see the world type of spirit. I want to see and enjoy and play and live and learn. THEN I want to consider my place in the world. I want to live my adult childhood. My childhood was AMAZING! I want to live it up as an adult before I prematurely settle down. Because once I set my roots down with a garden I plan on either continuing it until I die, or selling it to another permaminded soul. So the answer is: eventuaaaaaaaally! 😀 Thanks for asking!!


  5. Good idea! I settled down around 28ish and I feel like I still could have lived it up a little more. I am really enjoying being settled down, but there are a few more things I may have to figure out how to do with kids now…


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