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PermaCycle Update: Jasmine’s Version: Where Have We Been?

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By Jasmine Wilborne (and I guess in some ways Seth, but mostly by me haha)

Hear ye! Hear ye! PermaCycle Update-e!

I want to reconcile the guilt (truthfully there is some shame smashed up in there as well!) that I have been feeling over the last few months. PermaCycle’s virtual presence has waned and nearly fizzled out. On the other hand, our physical mission and friendship has been proved, strengthened many times.

For instance, I had the utmost pleasure and pride to read Seth’s 65-paged self-elected Thesis. I wanna rave about my bestie right now. I HAD to do an thesis because I was an Honor’s College student at SCSU and it was a requirement. Mine sucked because I had no vision. I was an English major and resorted to do short stories, but there was no passion or direction. I didn’t let a soul read it.

But Seth on the other hand elected to do a thesis, as a non-member of the HoCo. He struggled to draw the research together, he set up meetings, he foraged ahead with no rubric, or structure and little support.

I told him weeks in advance that I would read it. So when he asked me to read it and edit it 10 days before the due date, I felt soooo honored! So I did and it was great 😀

I thought it would be helpful to address a few things about PermaCycle that have been going on. There are two fronts: the virtual world, this is what you see. It is culminated in blog posts and Facebook posts and comments on your awesome posts (if you are a blogger). And then there are others, the personal world.

I feel so often that personal wins and ideas don’t have to be expressed in the virtual world. But I also feel obligated—guilty—naturally (and unnaturally) attached to the “success” of this blog. With Seth’s help  I learned that that perspective is not helpful (bullshit to put it bluntly).

He said that 90 percent of this blog’s existence is for OUR sake. 10 percent of it is for the enjoyment of others. Well I had it completely backwards!

I felt like I had to filter what I needed/wanted to say. I felt like I had to say it in a specific way. Maybe as you are reading my posts, you are seeing the shift in my voice. Revealing how I felt to Seth really unleashed my blog voice.

So yeah. We are back in the swing of things and will have some new stuff for you….oh real soon 😀

Stay eco-groovey OR get on the bandwagon!

P.S NEPermHomes, I feel especially guilty for not answering your “spotlight blogger thing”. It will fade once we do it!


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