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My Stuff: What I Think I’ll bring


By Jasmine Wilborne

Maybe this will turn into a complete gear list, but right now, it is just the things I am drooling over/might get.

First I’ve gotta say that I am a CRAZY person when I try to do something. As an English major, I try to learn about the options, synthesize the options and then come to an educated decision. In reality, what I do is ask one trustworthy person and take their advice (that’s a lie, I usually ask several—ya know to get full breadth of the issue). I really ask just one person because I hate making decisions  between items with subtle differences. Just tell me the answer!

Well here we go!

Bike— Everyone I have been LABORING over a bike for weeks. I’ve been checking Craigslist, hoping that my friends would throw a completely suitable bike my way and was basically praying for a miracle. Well it was answered, here it is:


Look at this sexy beast! Scored from ebay for $440!

Look at this sexy beast! Scored from ebay for $440!

Where’s the rest? Well you know what these hands which have only pruned tomato plants and fixed tires and recently begun indoor rock climbing will build that shit from the ground up! Am I worried? Yes. Will I succeed? Well duh, or Seth will leave my butt behind. Besides *brushes shoulder off*

This is me brushing my shoulder off like a boss. haha.

This is me brushing my shoulder off like a boss. haha.

How epic would it be if I (lowly Jasmine) was the bike mechanic for the trip? 😉

—– Well okay I should have titled this post: I feel like I can leave tomorrow because I purchased my bike frame because….that is precisely how I feel. Haha.

So let me give you a sneak peek of our “PermaCycle” database, which I created through Google Drive:

The green highlighted ones are things I have...this is only a partial list. But a sneak peak I guess.

The green highlighted ones are things I have…this is only a partial list. But a sneak peak I guess.

Terrible image, but I really don’t want to spend the time zooming and stuff. Sorry.

I get my inspiration on bike list stuff from the following:— This crew is DE BOMB! I literally found them within the first few days of inviting myself in PermaCycle.  They got money and we have a small salary—-needless to say that I drool over their stuff all the time!— I don’t know WHY I have this listed because this guy seems like he is bringing too much stuff….but hey when I get a little bit scared about having maybe 10 percent of my stuff (under-estimating….maybe) I looked at his site.—This chick is awesome. Dirty looking, (I’m sure I will look very similar) but awesome.

Also here is the list of stuff I am looking for now:

-Thermarest sleeping bag—- I can’t MESS with my sleep. I become really cranky when I don’t have it.

-Light weight 4 season (or 3 season tent)— Can’t be carrying a dorm on my bike tire!

-Cookware— I will be buying this though: (which Tara from Goingslowly raved about!)

Are you surprised to see NO bike related stuff….It’s like I’m going to hover around the country!! Haha.

Not really, I am going to ask my trusty bike friend Sara Kirschner, who I met the same summer as Seth (which was 2012—life changing, friend changing, best summer in college), to TELL ME, literally TELL ME what to buy and where.

So yeah. I have a bike. Happy post-new year.






Author: zestyjazz

I'm a garden and a bicycle.

5 thoughts on “My Stuff: What I Think I’ll bring

  1. Wow this crazy! You plan like I do haha


  2. Clean clear plastic bags…maybe from bringing home a small bag of veggies. To encase your socked feet inside bike shoes for rainy days.

    Trust me, cycling for 4 hrs. straight in constant rain is a drag for wet feet. Will keep feet a tad warmer.

    Are either of you bringing along a handwritten journal or little ipad for note-taking?


  3. OMG the plastic bags are a great idea. I will put that on our list now! We have been struggling with water gear—- like do you have waterproof pants too? I used to have them…I have to look around.

    I purchased a chromebook specifically for this trip. It’s amazing and super light weighing in at 2 lbs 5 ozs I think. We will be blogging the whole way.

    But of course I will have my own small journal because I have been journaling since the dawn of time.


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