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Bike Bloggers I like

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By Jasmine Wilborne

Just a quick post on the bike bloggers  I have liked and the sites I have visited since September.—-I found this one recently. This cute Korean chick knows very little about biking and takes AMAZING photos, she is making me reconsider buying an android phone for pictures only. Idk, what do you think? Android or professional camera? Pffft, I can’t take photos with a professional camera!!!

Http:// —- According to Google Docs I found this site on October 6th. The photos of New Mexico make me wanna bike the WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY. Not just across it. But zigzagging and curving to see all of the Earth’s beauty.— This site is super cool. To be honest here in CT, I haven’t seen many black chicks on bikes. So I’m a fan of this website….wish they had a cousin though:!

Http://—I actually know this recent tourist personally…kinda. I was a camp counsellor for his younger brother Matthew! How exciting to learn that he did this tour! I definitely have cut and pasted a few of his recommendations for my own use! 😉—–This was my FIRST blog I read on touring. They really got me excited. They are very “poshy” tourers though, only doing about 30 miles a day and paying for campsites and bed and breakfasts. Hey! There isn’t just ONE way to tour, there are MILLIONS!

So yeah those are the ones  I have read so far. I don’t read many tour blogs, really. I think I mostly search for gear and read articles here and there 😀

Until next time!


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I'm a garden and a bicycle.

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