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My Best Friend Bought Me My Tour Bike!

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My best friend, Jasmine Gear, surprised me when she came up from Baltimore by buying me the bike I will ride on PermaCycle!

This weekend, my best friend Jasmine (yes, both of our names are Jasmine!) subsequently eliminated the STRESS in my life by buying me a bike from the Devil’s Gear in New Haven, CT.

I didn’t ask Jasmine to buy me a bike. In fact, it shocked me completely when she said that she would.

That evening, she had come in from Baltimore, MD where she lives (we went to SCSU together and she is studying to become a dentist at Howard!) and I picked her up from the train station.

We ate at Tikkaway an Indian style Chiptole and I told her how I was building a bike from the frame up and how I had nothing to do it, no tools, no experience, nothing.

After we ate, we went over to the Devil’s Gear Bike Shop where I had purchased two bikes previously and had multiple tune ups etc there. The mechanics and salespeople are my friends!

While there I told them how I was building a bike for a tour and had just the frame.

I guesstimated that the cost of buying everything would be about $400-$600. (I honestly didn’t want to spend more than $600). But when David said that the cost of good wheels would be about $200, I became really uneasy. Building this bike would be incredibly expensive.

Jasmine Gear  observed and listened closely.

The mechanic mentioned how he had a green Cannondale outside that would probably work, and I shook my head “no, I will get back to you when I know what I need to build this bike” and we left.

As we walked away, Jasmine recounted at how the mechanics looked at me like I was “crazy” as I talked about building this bike.

I sighed. And then the crazies thing happened, she said that she would buy me the bike.

It’s crazy how in one second your reality can change. Homeowner to homeless. Talented unknown to musical superstar. College graduate to gainfully employed. Without a working bike to a beautiful tuned up $400 50cm tour bike. Wow.

So yeah, I went from feeling like I had nothing ready for this bike adventure, to now feeling like I could leave tomorrow.

I’m a lucky girl. I’m blessed with two best friends. Seth, who I have the great pleasure and joy of being a partner with on this bike adventure and Jasmine who believes in this adventure enough to buy me the FOUNDATION of this adventure.

Jasmine basically gave me the apparatus that will get me across the country. Every push of the pedal, both of my bestfriend’s will be riding along with me.

What joy it is to be loved by my best friends.

Me and my bestie marching for Trayvon Martin Spring of 2013.




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