Rolling a tread between People and Permaculture

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Our Time In Philly In Photos


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Tell Me, What is Compost Tea?

While passing through New York City, the Permacycle Team stopped in Brooklyn for a community work day. We found a permaculture meetup group through the site and showed up for a compost tea workshop and garden cleanup. We also got a great lunch out of it which was a really nice vegetable soup.

The idea of compost tea is similar to that of compost but on steroids(or maybe all natural supplements). It is a high intensity and deeply nourishing tonic used FOR YOUR GARDEN….drink at your own risk… to kick start the microbial life in the soil just before or after

When organic materials breakdown, they do so by hosting themselves as food for a plethora of microorganisms, fungus, insects, and a bunch of other stuff. A carrot for example only transitions into soil only after this community of living creatures has eaten and up and turned it around back into the ground.

Compost tea is all about that community, that beautiful, disgusting, buggy, dirty web of life that turns your organic matter into soil(its not DIRT!).  We need to take that community from Average Team to Action Team, we gotta pump them up so we have got to give them what they want. Popeye needs spinach and the action team needs Oxygen, Sugar, and some room to breathe.

Below is a picture gallery of how to make your own compost tea!