Rolling a tread between People and Permaculture

Life in the Whirlwind

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A note from Seth:

Traveling slowly south from Connecticut to my current resting ground of Baltimore has proved allready to be much more adventure than I could have expected. It is great, I love it, and I am in love with the fluidity and serendipity with which my life is so obviously revolving.

As far as the permacycle mission things are more or less spot on, given that it is a rather general plan anyway. The only issue on that scale is the lack of contact with the fine people reading this blog. I have been quick to hold onto the new knowledge and often pictures with the intent of posting but without much action. It has been a major weakness in the trip so far.

But let me explain. Pretty much the last thing on my mind while biking all day or working on a farm or doing both is how I plan to get on the computer and process my experience into size 12 font, so in other words I have been a bit selfish or trip-centric but I do desire a balance in this area and relaying the knowledge I gain to the fine permacycle family\friend\community is a skill to be gained.

To reflect back on the flow and serendipity of the night Carmelo and I were discussing the essence of this post through and through today so when we did the daily Buddha quote, what is basically a daily random reading from a small book of Bhudist quotes titles Heart of a Buddha, the quote was perfect, it reads,

If we look upon our work not for self-benefit, but as a means to benefit society, we will be practicing appretiation and patience in our daily lives.

So expect more to come,



Author: zestyjazz

I'm a garden and a bicycle.

One thought on “Life in the Whirlwind

  1. I think that when we do what we love, our energy shines forth, and so blesses the world. Your further service will unfold naturally. IMO… Enjoy!


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