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Gather 2


May 21st 2015

Gather Baltimore Part 2

Here is a run-down on a few cool details that we have learned since the last time we talked.

  1. 300-400 bags get sold each week.IMG_1531
  2. Volunteers make this program possible by organizing bagging and separating the food into the blue bags.IMG_1539
  3. The huge walk-in refrigerators that the foods are stored in were built by Arthur and his friends chopping the typically $20,000-30,000 dollar price tag down to $3000-4000.IMG_1540
  4. A little action shot of making some of the bags up, in the line up for todays bags there were avocados, organic butter, yucca root, grapes, apples, zucchini, lettuce, chili peppers, a loaf of bread, and bananas.IMG_1533
  5. Gather is on the cusp of growing into a bigger organization. Using grants and other aid money from the network of non-profits in the city Gather hopes to construct a new coolers, expand and further organize their volunteer program, find an AmeriCore Vista member.

Author: zestyjazz

I'm a garden and a bicycle.

3 thoughts on “Gather 2

  1. We are going to be building refrigerated vegetable storage. Would love to know how Arthur and company did it. Is it a coolbot?


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