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Did Life Suck Before Christopher Columbus?

By Jasmine Wilborne

I want to know what life was like pre- the Christopher Columbus’-of-the-world.

Why? Because I want to make sure that I am not romanticizing life before the “rise of civilization”.

I probably am….even in a tiny bit. ¬†Unfortunately, it is really hard for me to channel what I have been reading and learning about into these blog posts. I want to go into depth, I want to sound right, I want to know what I am talking about. But I really don’t have a firm grasp on the subject.

In essence, my questions are the following:

1. When was poverty made?- The assumption here is that poverty is something that was created and spurred by changes in how the human “economy” functioned and how human relationships operated.

2. How did agriculture over take hunter-gather societies? Where new “farmers” more environmentally friendly than we are today or is agriculture a system that is doomed to fail inherently?

3. At what point in time did the concept of work change?


I’m a huge nerd. Whenever I want to know something, I just read about it. Here are the books I am reading to help me get to the bottom of my questions:


500+ pages of conversational eye-opening exploration on how the world became colonized by Euroasians

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Growing Food is Like Printing Money!

By: Seth Columbia

Watching Fight Club in high school made me realize I didn’t want to ever put myself in the position of begrudging my days in order to acquire material things. I was already on this path from a young age however, when prompted with the Q’ “Whatchya gonna do when ya get all big and old kiddo?” I’d cheerfully reply “I wanna be a hobo” my reasons being that they had no responsibility and got to do whatever they wanted. imagine the curiosity of my family members…

But then there are all the things that you actually NEED. Food, Water, Shelter, And Such! Well to provide for all of these needs with one fellow swoop requires something a little more complete than the popularized version of permaculture as permanent+agriculture. Yet that is a perfect place to look a little closer.

Im No Farmer, but I am a Good Investor

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