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My Uncle Asked If I Would Be Cycling With a Gun

By Jasmine Wilborne

And I said I would look into it.

Why? Because I’m a black girl riding through a post-slavery post-Jim Crow country  with a white dude.

And to be honest, I would really like to skip the deep south completely. My uncle drove across the country with his fiancé and when he stayed over in a hotel in Alabama, he had the black staff telling him that it would be wise if he didn’t leave to go anywhere at night. That it would be safer if he stayed inside.

That’s why.

I want to believe that upper-middle class black chicks who speak perfect English, don’t “act black”* and grow up in two family homes won’t be victims of racist-sexist violence. (* This is a derogatory statement that I included to make a point. Saying someone is “acting black” is derogatory because it implies that the actions of the person are low-class, unfavorable and embarrassing.)

But my uncle doesn’t seem to think so.

And he is right.

Here’s a question for you: How many black girls have had week long evening news coverage after they have disappeared?

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