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Post-Holiday Reflection: How Wreath Making Made Me Stop Hating Botany

By Jasmine Wilborne

This is the story about how I used to hate botany:

Early November, after coming back from Vancouver B.C, I went for a hike after I had been a good living-at-home-after-graduating- a year and a half ago-daughter and did my chores.

I went for a simple hike around Lake Wintergreen in Hamden, CT .

This is a very small lake, maybe a mile all around. But very beautiful.

This is a very small lake, maybe a mile all around. But very beautiful.

Here is a trail. It ain't the Appalachian trail...but hey it's in my backyard.

Here is a trail. It ain’t the Appalachian trail…but hey it’s in my backyard.

I’m the type of person who likes to feel solidarity with others when we are doing something that is “outside the norm”, like cycling in the dead of winter or being one of two black chicks at a cool convention or idk something stupid like that.

So I smile, or nod or say “hello” to people. Usually receiving no answer or a blank stare, but whatever it’s New England. There were so many people enjoying the day, but so many people just kinda side-eyed me or ignored me all together that I started to feel downtrodden. So I made the big bad decision tooo….WALK OFF TRAIL.

I know scary.

Ahhh….so great to be drinking in, truly Nature’s glory. And then I started picking up pine cones. And then broken off branches of evergreen. And then branches of pine needles. And then before I knew it I was collecting the base for my wreaths!

Here they are:

Can you tell that I took this image with my shitty flip phone?

Can you tell that I took this image with my shitty flip phone?

The earth gave me enough for this interesting thing….the honeycomb makes an appearance.

My sister swears this is demonic. Kinda pisses me off. She's just mad.

My sister swears this is demonic. Kinda pisses me off. She’s just mad.

Let me tell you that that experience, crawling on the grown searching for pine cones and acorns and to my surprise and empty hornets nest, was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had thus far.

I am so NERVOUS to say spiritual because I have a very hard time reconciling the idea of spirituality after rejecting religiosity.

But it was spiritual. I felt bound to the earth. I felt like a child looking in awe at her mother knit or cook or laugh in the wind. I felt one with the earth. But even more like a true supplicant. Like the earth provided and I received.

At that moment, I knew that I could never live in a blind, unseeing way towards the nature around me. I knew that I would want to learn the names of the moss, the differences between trees and other creeping green things.

But you ask, isn’t that what permaculture is about?

And I answer, well yes. But it never became real to me until I was crawling around on the forest floor looking for natural gifts.

So yeah, unintentionally, wreath-making made me stop hating botany. Because I thought botany was stupid. Botany was about things that were not connected to me. Botany wasn’t about me. Boy was I wrong, botany is as much about me as it is about knowing the beautiful earth.

So yeah, I’m right now in the : I want to do it stage, but with the cold winter shooing me inside—-I find reading about wanting to do it better.

Also, Seth and I are about to leave soon. Ugh that’s an excuse because knowing at least a bit about what is going on locally is important!

The inner turmoil resumes—-

Thank you loveys!




My Youngest Sister is Causing Chaos, Pain and Anger: So I’m Turning to Spiritual Practices to Learn How to Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

By Jasmine Wilborne

I don’t want to go into much detail, nor do I feel it necessary to write any disclaimers.

What is happening in my life isn’t original. It isn’t unheard of. I’m not the first one to experience the pain, anger and confusion of having a family member reject their family in favor for friends, older men and drugs.

I’m not the first sister to consider a life without talking to their youngest sister.

I’m not the first person who has experienced family chaos.

However, this is the first time I’ve ever felt the pain, disorder and confusion of “out there” “in here”- in my heart, in my home, in my family.

I’m no longer religious. I don’t have religion or God to tie me down, to vent to. I don’t have prayer. I don’t have rituals.

But I want peace.

I want to cultivate spiritual and emotional power over the only thing I can control: myself.

I am seeking the wisdom of the earth and the body and the mind together as one.

Therefore, I have decided to take the first step of many steps towards spiritual enlightenment, meditation and yoga discipline.

I am starting now, in the midst of chaos. Where I know the last answer is the easier one: to disown my youngest sister. To severe her from my mind. To wish ill will on her. To regard her has scum.

There is another way, one that I am too emotionally and spiritually immature to truly consider.

But there is a way.

And I will grow to embrace and practice it.


The Day I Said “Yes”

By Jasmine Wilborne

I’ve been journaling since I was in the 8th grade. So to be honest, a little bit lazy (in writing an original post) , glaringly transparent  and to follow up on what this trip means to me I will write verbatim what I journaled on the day I said “yes” to this adventure.

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How I Found Inspiration …thank you…and you….especially you…and that guy….and this girl…

By: Seth Columbia

Already I have been hearing a lot of “I wish I could do that”s and “that’s so cool I’m jealous’s”….and in a lot of ways I get it, ok thanks you dig what I’m digging cool HOWEVER I want you to get diggin too! What Jazz and I want is to take our inspiration funneled in from all of our own great inspirations, internalize it and form something tangible. It is happening and it is growing so let me share my personal development to remove some of the haze surrounding something as apparently mysterious and perhaps awe inspiring as…being alive? or i don’t know, my life? no, too… just no. how about: as an indefinite cycling trip across the country in pursuit of the eco-groove-y

So you wont have to read this whole damn thing, Bottom Line: Do what you want. Continue reading


My Parents Don’t Care

By Jasmine Wilborne

I know. Not a surprise.  So much for freaking out.

My mom straight up told me “I think you are still in kid mode. You aren’t a kid anymore.” She went on to say that as an adult  they would offer advice and it was up to me to do what I wanted.

Whew. The truth was out.

But so anti-climatic.

I told Seth about the conversation. I wish it was more epic, but not every parent conversation ends in screaming and self-righteousness.

I guess this trip is me really stepping into adulthood.

Or…stepping in the direction of creating my own life apart from the societal expectations that rest like a choke chain around my neck.

Stay eco-groovey.

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I Still Haven’t Told My Parents….Yet.

By Jasmine Wilborne

I feel a mixture of sickness, despair and homesickness as I write this title.

It is true, I have been planning this trip for close to a month, right beneath my parents noses (I live at home) and haven’t even mentioned to them yet that I am planning on leaving them in a few months.

I’m nervous. I’m sick. I’m afraid that the idea will be flat out rejected and I will have no support.

Here is how I’ve been thinking to frame it:

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This Adventure Is About Finding Myself

By: Jasmine Wilborne

I used to know who I was.


If you had met me a year and a half ago I would have said: I am an Evangelical Catholic christian.

I was the “praying for people in public” type of Christian. The Christian that would verbally fight against same-sex marriage. I was the girl who would invite you to bible study. My whole identity was steeped, saturated, swollen with God.

None of that is true now.

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