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Part 3 of Dumpsterize My Diet!- PermaCycle Will Eat Trash

By Seth Columbia

A few days ago I talked about the scope of food waste in the US, today I will talk about inspiration.

Jasmine and I have been inspired… dumpster.

Together we will travel the country eating as high a percentage of dumpster goods as possible. Can

In essence, PermaCycle will eat trash.

Just like this guy, Rob Greenfield, check out his amazing video of how he biked across the country eating about 70% dumpstered foods.

Rob Greenfield’s Dumpster Diving Across America

We are not ashamed and we want your attention, we want you to know about the art of Dumpster Diving. Yup I capitalized that. Dumpster Diving will sustain us and it actually sustains me right now, damn near the entirety of my regular diet is reclaimed food.

The scope of how much good delicious FRESH food that is thrown away is literally shocking for most people when they begin to experiment with Dumpster Diving. Me included!  I have thrown back lids before and found myself face to face with what looked like both the bakery and produce sections of a grocery store, nicely boxed up and waiting.  Can you say: Holy grail?!

Needless to say, Jazz and I won’t be going hungry on our trip, especially helpful because we don’t have much cash to spend!


Coming Up: Part 3 of Dumpsterize My Diet!- Dumpster Virgin No More




Part 2 of Dumpsterize My Diet!- The Big Picture of Food Waste

By Seth Columbia

A few days ago I talked about how waste is a popular, consumerism driven misconception: most things that are “wasted” are just that, items of value that go deliberately unused.

Do you have any freaking clue how much food goes in the dumpster?

No that’s not my point, I meant: In America people go hungry every day and OH MY NON-SECTARIAN GOD IS THERE A LOT OF GOOD FOOD IN DUMPSTERS! wait no… refinement.

What I’m saying is:

America does not face anything close to a food shortage… Continue reading


What is PermaCycle?

By Seth Columbia

PermaCycle is an adventure, a journey, a desire for the liminal phase of transition, a coming of age, and pursuit of happiness. I am comfortable saying it feels like all those things on the inside but what is it on the outside?

PermaCycle is a cycling trip across the country that will connect Jasmine and myself with all things Permaculture related, or as many as possible. This can include small or large farms, food forests, eco-villages, homesteads, or even just backyards, its as much about the people taking action as the actions they take.

With this adventure we hope to inspire others to follow their dreams, and with this blog we hope to promote the ideas, people, and places that make this bike trip an epic journey.

PermaCycle is a lot of things, some will be planned, others might just happen, and others that wont be visible until we are far down the line long after we finish up here.