Rolling a tread between People and Permaculture

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I’d Rather Be Without a Plan than Without A Rain Coat

By Jasmine Wilborne

( I wrote this closer to “I’m baking my ass off post” but got a bit idk wonky and decided not to post it at the time. )

Last week, I went over to my friend’s Jen and Jesse’s apartment. They live across the street from a Jewish cemetery, where I’ve gone on a very PG walk through with a date.

Jen, a new friend addition to my coveted friend group, and I swapped cookies. Her delicately cinnamon sugared snicker-doodles and me, my monster cookies. Naturally, since we share friends, PermaCycle came up.

This conversation made me realize that out of everything for this bike trip, having the stuff to do it and the right stuff, matters to me more than having a concrete plan.

Here is a snippet of what was said:

“Do you know when you are leaving?”, Jon says. Jon is Jen’s boyfriend. Because of their near inseparable and beautiful relationship I have resorted to melding their identities linguistically as: JenJon.

“We plan on leaving in April for a “trial” trip in New England and then come back in May for Seth and Jenna (one of my younger sister’s) college graduation,” I say.

“So you are basically leaving in May?” Jon says.

“Kinda not really,” I say.

Jesse, often referred to as a “gentle giant” butts in.

“Are you putting on weight? I had a friend who road his bike from Seattle to New York. When he rode through the Rocky’s he lost like 20 pounds and he was a skinny guy,” he says.

I scrunch up my face. Hell no. In no way shape or form will I gain wait just to lose it!

“Are you going to ride the trans-atlantic bike route,” JenJon says.

“That sounds so familiar,” I say.

The conversation goes on like this for a few moments and I feel exposed, unsure, ignorant and a bit naïve. Here my friends know more about planning this trip than I do. I’m really just flying by the seat of  my pants really. It really boils down to this: What some people have taken years to plan, we have spent honestly about a few months, if that, planning.

Me in freak-out mode is terrifying. And I was getting there. Thinking about all the things I would need and all of the unknowns. Until I settled on this truth: Focus on the things you can control. Buy the things you can buy and relax.

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What is PermaCycle?

By Seth Columbia

PermaCycle is an adventure, a journey, a desire for the liminal phase of transition, a coming of age, and pursuit of happiness. I am comfortable saying it feels like all those things on the inside but what is it on the outside?

PermaCycle is a cycling trip across the country that will connect Jasmine and myself with all things Permaculture related, or as many as possible. This can include small or large farms, food forests, eco-villages, homesteads, or even just backyards, its as much about the people taking action as the actions they take.

With this adventure we hope to inspire others to follow their dreams, and with this blog we hope to promote the ideas, people, and places that make this bike trip an epic journey.

PermaCycle is a lot of things, some will be planned, others might just happen, and others that wont be visible until we are far down the line long after we finish up here.